​​​Capt. Craig Carter   361-298-0263

What do I need to bring? 

Yourself and Texas Fishing Licenses to include Saltwater.  

 I will supply the rest.   You can get your  license here. 


Do you have left handed  bow ?  

Yes,  I have left handed bow, but please let me know many you will need prior to the hunt to have  them on hand.


Can I bring my own equipment ?

Yes,  but I recommend that you use  mine.   Saltwater is a harsh environment on equipment.  My bows are set up for the type of shooting  you will be doing but you are welcome to bring your own.      

What kind of boat do you have ?

 You will be hunting on my custom Diamondback Airboat.   It's 20ft long and 8ft wide and very stable and built to go wherever we need comfortably.

How many people can you take ?

 By Coast Guard Laws I can only take six passengers at one time.  

I can take six shooters or any combination of shooters and spectators up to six total.  See pricing details.

​What should I wear ?

Dress comfortably for the season we hunt in.   Bring an extra jacket.   Riding on a airboat at night is always colder than expected.

What does a normal hunt entail ?

 We normally leave the dock about an hour before sunset

and travel by airboat to our first location of the night.  During the ride you we get to see the the back lakes, 

marsh, birds and wildlife that our Texas Coast has to offer.   I will give you a  brief instruction on safety and use of equipment.   You will then have time to practice and get familiar with the equipment as we watch yet another Spectacular Texas Sunset on the water.   Hang on for the next four to six hours of non-stop bowfishing action before returning to the dock. 

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